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Cojolya combines the finest eco-conscious materials, including fair trade cotton, biodegradable dyes and recycled leather with innovative textile designs inspired by nature. We create accessories for women and men that showcase the structure of the textile and the versatility of the loom.
Cojolya's Home Goods are all woven by hand on the back-strap loom. These pillows, throws, and tzuts are wonderful versatile and undoubtedly unique. All of the products are inspired by Santiago Atitlán and the Tz'utujil culture
The Ikat Collection is composed of accessories created with the traditional jaspé technique. Jaspé is the art of hand-dyeing the thread before hand weaving the textile. Since jaspé is inexact, the result will always slightly differ. A guarantee of each item's uniqueness
Our men's collection features durable, practical, and distinctly different items for everyday use. Their simplicity alone makes a statement, and you can certainly feel proud of what and who your purchase supports.

All of our pillow cases are handwoven and are designed with the motifs of Santiago Atitlán in mind. Washable and made to last, these pillows will add a touch of Tz'utujil beauty in any room. With a variety, everyone is guaranteed to find a perfect match. 


The newest collection to the Classics, the Anchor collection complements the Cruise collection. The textiles are fashioned in the emblematic vertical stripes with delicate brocade work. It’s easy to drift off in the summer breeze with this collection.

This collection features textiles in a bamboo design plus coordinated textures that complement the bamboo. The Bamboo Rainforest Collection recalls the colors and sensation of a tropical jungle while it showcases the complexity of brocade work.

Blue. Green. Yellow. In bright shades, this collection is perfect for anyone who wants their accessories to do the talking. It follows the classic plaid pattern that showcases the brocade skills of the artisans. The slightly glossy points within the windows create a beautiful and interesting relief effect.

The Coffee Plaid Collection complements the other plaid collections with its design. Nevertheless, it stands out with its bright red highlights against the backdrop of brown. This collection evokes the bright red of the unripe coffee berries and their eventual maturity in brown. It’s always coffee season with this collection.

A day at the beach, a stroll on the boardwalk, warm winds and soft sun. The Cruise Collection invokes this relaxation through its color combination of white and a sandy beige. Made with the complicated brocade technique, it is classic and beautiful. Take yours home today, and make any day a beach day. 

Dragonfruit, or Pitaya in Spanish, is a reflection of the local fruits in Santiago Atitlán. As the summer months roll in, so does the Dragonfruit season. In the market, dragonfruits are stacked in little mountains, and their aroma wafts in the wind. Bring a little piece of Santiago into your home with this delicious collection

The Fire collection recreates the visuals of a warm fireplace. Its purple, red, and orange tones are done in strong vertical lines that invoke the image of burning wood. The warm colors are always in season, be it a reminder of warmer days or a celebration of the sun.

Inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany´s work, this collection captures the luminosity of the stained glass. The lead divisions in stained glass are represented by chocolate-colored raised stripes, which occur in between the complex multi-colored stripes.

Watching the sun set behind the mountains as the last rays of light touch Lago Atitlán is one of the most incredible experiences Guatemala has to offer. Cojolya constantly takes inspiration from Santiago and the lake and we offer this beautiful collection as a result.

Before Santiago Atitlan, there was Tz’kin Jay, the House of the Birds. Named for the myriad number of birds who make their home alongside the Tz’utujil on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Tz’kin Jay developed their weavings to reflect the creativity of their world. This collection celebrates the intricacies and contradictions within weaving. It plays with twisted strings woven smoothly, thick brocades with a fine delicacy, light and dark, earth and sky. This collection marks the growth of Cojolya’s design and skill, an apogee of weaving.